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released February 4, 2017

Recorded by: George Johnson
Mixed and mastered by: Adam X Rogers



all rights reserved


STRANDED HC Birmingham, UK

Vocals - Dan Wilson
Guitar - Jess Webberley
Drums - George Johnson
Bass - Joe Galkowski

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Track Name: Intro
So many times I've seen you fall
I question why I still help you at all
A waste of life, a waste of breath
But I can't seem to shake the regret
Track Name: The Endless Struggle ft. Joey of Splitknuckle
For all the years I've put into this
The times I swore I will pull you through
The trust you've broken so carelessly
It's like I never even knew you

A prime example of the bond you could so easily break
The truth I should've known from the start
You disappeared right when I needed you the most
A snake in the grass, finally exposed

Now the lies are running free
The world can finally see, you for you

Weaknesses laid bare, your guard's been dropped
You'll never make your way
To the fucking top
Forever failing to regain control
The endless struggle to become your own
Track Name: No Sympathy
Arrogance through ignorance
A refusal to accept the truth
A decaying world in which we live
The Earth bleeds and we will never forgive

No sympathy for you
No sympathy for fools

Trapped forever encaged
The lives of millions, always enslaved
For a purpose only suited to some
Never seeing the world for what it's become

No sympathy for you
No sympathy for fools

Destruction reigns and at what cost
No mind is paid to what has been lost
Damage caused for empty gain
An endless struggle we cannot maintain